IAP2 Training Programs
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IAP2 carries out its mission to advance and extend the practice of public participation by organizing and conducting professional development activities to serve the learning needs of members.


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IAP2 Courses

IAP2 Courses

The landscape of public participation and community engagement is changing. Rapid developments in technology, the rampant economic and political changes across the globe, widespread use of social media, and a decline in public trust have created new challenges for governments, organisations, and institutions. Add to that the growing desire of citizens to participate in building the democratic architecture of their countries and communities, and it is obvious that a proven framework for public participation has never been more essential!

People want and need to be engaged as decisions are made. Those of us managing community engagement and public participation processes must ensure that it happens in a respectful, positive, and effective way that creates the best possible outcomes for all concerned. That’s where we come in.

As a Federation of national affiliates, IAP2 has set the bar for stakeholder engagement with practical tools and methodologies that transcend national and cultural boundaries. As part of our mission, we have been at the cutting edge of public participation training world-wide. Now, working with experienced IAP2 practitioners, we have streamlined and refined our highly-regarded and innovative training materials for this new challenging climate.

IAP2 Foundations ProgramFoundations in Public Participation

Foundations in Public Participation was designed with the input of successful practitioners who work with diverse populations and divergent circumstances throughout the world. The course is divided into two modules, each focusing on one of the two major phases of public participation, planning and techniques. Regardless of the arena in which you work, this programme will broaden your toolkit, bring greater creativity to your approach, and give you a broad-based understanding of how public participation works across the world. >>>Learn more


IAP2 Outrage CourseStrategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation

In these challenging times of environmental, health, cultural, economic and social changes this is a course that will enhance your practice, support your clients and equip you to think about and learn how to apply behaviors that will enhance quality public participation outcomes where communities are emotional or outraged and therefore not yet at the place where they can fully participate in a public engagement process. This course will help you plan for those type of circumstances.
>>>Learn more


IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation

The Certificate in Public Participation program has been replaced by Foundations in Public Participation. Participants who completed the former 2-Day Planning course without completing Communications may register for the third day of Planning (1 Day) and the 2-Day Techniques course to complete the Foundations in Public Participation program. Please see the Training Calendar for dates and locations.


IAP2 Outrage CoursePublic Participation for Decision Makers

IAP2’s Public Participation for Decision Makers helps decision makers get the best value from a public process. The session looks at the Foundations from a decision maker’s point of view and offers a perspective on how public participation can be integrated into the overall project plan. It examines the costs and benefits of public participation, discusses when and why to not involve the public in an organizational decision, and emphasizes the importance of both the decision being made and the promise to the public about their involvement in that decision process. Finally, the session provides an overview of what the decision maker should know about the public participation practitioner’s role. To schedule a Decision Makers course, please contact one of our National Affiliates or an IAP2 Foundations Trainer.