Professional Certification
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The Certification Program is a new professional designation available to IAP2 members. Certification proves, through independent assessment, that you have demonstrated the basic knowledge and skills required to perform the role of public participation (P2) professional. Professional Certification requires a formal and independent assessment. IAP2 Canada and IAP2 USA have fully implemented the Professional Certification program authorized by IAP2 International in 2014. These programs offer two levels of certification, Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3) and Master Certified Public Participation Professional (MCP3). The MCP3 is not currently available in Canada.

The designation “Certified Public Participation Professional” (CP3) indicates that you meet or exceed an internationally-recognized set of criteria  as a P2 practitioner. It means you possess all Core Competencies (5) and have an established “track record” in the field. It is not the same as receiving a “Certificate of Completion” in the IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation course.

CP3 credentials are awarded upon completion and evaluation of a 3-step assessment of candidates. The assessment is based on 5 core competencies and 29 and 31 corresponding criteria, US and Canada respectively. The MCP3 credential focuses on advanced competencies beyond the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, skills, behaviors, and capabilities assessed at the CP3 level.

All IAP2 members in good standing who have completed the 5-day IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation (formerly Certificate course) are eligible to apply.

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Professionally Certified Public Participation Practitioners 


Jessica Bratty Jessica Bratty, CP3
British Columbia, Canada
Shawn Bravender Shawn Bravender, CP3
Alberta, Canada
Sarah Dechter, CP3
Flagstaff, Arizona
Jessica Delaney Jessica Delaney, CP3
British Columbia, Canada
Tracey Ehl Tracey Ehl, MCP3
Ontario, Canada
Megan Fitzgerald, CP3
Vancouver, British Columbia
Tina Geiselbrecht, CP3
Texas, USA
John Godec John Godec, CPF, MCP3
Arizona, USA
Theresa Gunn Theresa Gunn, MCP3
Arizona, USA
Anne Harding Anne Harding, CP3
Alberta, Canada
Cassie Hemphill Cassie Hemphill, PhD, CP3
Montana, United States
Natalie Henault Natalie Henault, CP3
Manitoba, Canada
Kim Hyshka Kim Hyshka, CP3
Alberta, Canada
Leah Jaramillo Leah Jaramillo, CP3
Utah, United States
Trevor Joyal, CP3
Calgary, Alberta
Amanda Kaiser Amanda Kaiser, CP3
Alberta, Canada
Wendy Lowe Wendy Lowe, CPF, CP3
Colorado, USA
Yvonne Morrison Yvonne Morrison, CP3
Manitoba, Canada
Kirsty Neill, CP3
Calgary, Alberta
Gay Robinson, CP3
Calgary, Alberta
Doug Sarno Doug Sarno, MCP3
Virginia-D.C., USA
Catherine Smith Catherine Smith, CP3
California, USA
Lara Tierney, CP3
Calgary, Alberta
Tannis Topolnisky Tannis Topolnisky, CP3
Alberta, Canada
Steven Wolf Stephen Wolf, MCP3
Nebraska, USA