Privacy Policy
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IAP2 Privacy Policy


The Federation encourages appropriate sharing of information among Affiliates for the purposes of advancing the practice. This policy provides direction on collecting, storing, managing, and disseminating personal information collected by the IAP2 Federation, and will be available on the Federation website.

Collecting Personal Information

  • Information is collected solely to conduct and communicate IAP2 Federation business and information. The Federation does not and will not sell personal information.
  • All information-collection materials will reference this policy and include the purpose and use of information collected and with whom the information may be shared.
  • Personal information may be collected and stored through paper or appropriately secured electronic means.
  • All other personal information will be retained for the appropriate time period in accordance with the applicable governing laws.

Disseminating Personal Information

  • Personal information will be disseminated according to the permissions associated with the information-collection process.
  • IAP2 Federation and any others with access to personal information may use or disseminate such information solely for authorized IAP2 Federation purposes and pursuant to any other limitations of law, bylaws, or policy.
  • Information sharing between IAP2 Federation and authorized representatives of other approved organizations shall be governed by this policy and the agreements between IAP2 Federation and those entities.

Responsibility for Personal Information

  • The sources of personal information are responsible for providing correct and updated information.
  • The sources of personal information are responsible for being aware of how personal information may be used.


Approved by the Federation Board of Directors January 2017.