Guidelines for Use of IAP2 Copyright Protected Materials
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Important Message: Implementation of IAP2 Federation Copyright Policy

To move forward to implement this IAP2 Federation policy and to ensure protection of its international property – Permission to use copy or reproduce IAP2 Federation copyrighted materials is required. Kindly follow the instructions below:


The IAP2 Federation Training Courses (Participant/Student and Trainer Manuals)


  • Foundations in Public Participation courses
  • Decision Makers course
  • Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation course
  • IAP2 Federation Trainer Licensing Program
  • Certificate in Public Participation (current and old materials in English, including the current courses French and Spanish versions)

The IAP2 Federation Training Manuals were developed by IAP2 Licensed Trainers and contributed voluntarily to the IAP2 Federation. The IAP2 Federation pledges to be an effective custodian of this intellectual property and know how.

Only IAP2 Federation Licensed Trainers, who have signed an active license agreement in the current IAP2 Federation fiscal year, can access and use this material for purposes of IAP2 Federation training.

These Participant and Licensed Trainer Manuals may be used solely for licensed and approved IAP2 Federation training and related educational purposes.

These Manuals may not be sold, reproduced, modified, or transmitted for any purpose without the express written permission of IAP2 Federation.

The training Manual provided to each participant registered in the IAP2 Federation training course is provided strictly for the personal, educational and continuous improvement of the participant, and should not be copied or distributed in any way in order to fully respect the IAP2 Federation Copyright Policy.

The IAP2 Federation may, as a matter of principle and under special circumstances, grant permission to the Federation’s Licensed Trainers who may need to use some specific parts of these manuals in their other in-house training (outside of the Foundation in Public Participation program trainings), provided that the IAP2 Federation is notified in advance.

These Training Manuals and their entire contents are fully protected by domestic international copyright laws and treaties, with all rights reserved, including the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, WIPO Copyright Treaty, and the Universal Copyright Convention.

No violation of the proprietary rights of the IAP2 Federation or our Federation’s Licensed Trainers in these Manuals will be condoned.


The IAP2 Federation's SPECTRUM, Core Values, and Code of Ethics

These three documents form the pillars on which the global mission of the IAP2 Federation is built and grows. It is the basis on which the IAP2 Federation works to build a global understanding and advance the practice of public participation around the world.

The IAP2 Federation offers this important piece of intellectual work to the international community of public participation practitioners.

Basic ethics and courtesy require that a clear acknowledgement of the International Association for Public Participation - IAP2 Federation, as the source for this information is required in all cases.

To use, copy or reproduce any or all of these three documents, you are required to submit a written request to the IAP2 Federation Executive Manager. To facilitate your request, kindly complete the form below and submit it to IAP2HQ for consideration.

The IAP2 Federation and the IAP2 Licensed trainers who hold the intellectual property for these materials believe these three documents can increase knowledge sharing about public participation and should have international resonance. We also believe that the volunteer contributions of the architects and pioneers in this field of public participation who remain closely associated with the IAP2 Federation, deserve utmost respect and appreciation.

Please ensure that written permission is requested from the IAP2 Federation who remains the custodian of this material, and that you are granted permission prior to you proceeding to use, copy or reproduce this material.

It should be clearly understood that failure to request permission, as well as to give due recognition to the IAP2 Federation as the source and the custodian of this body of intellectual knowledge will be considered unethical and unacceptable.

Kindly note that there is an Applicable Fee for Permission to Use

If you are a not-for-profit community organisation or educational institution, the fee will be waived (no fees). If you are a for-profit or business entity, the IAP2 Federation will invoice you for fees for each use you make of any of these materials.

Lastly, in a case where you wish to modify our materials and prepare adaptations to suit your client or constituency needs, we will review your request carefully, consult with the authors of this work when necessary, and inform you of the IAP2 Federation decision.

The IAP2 Federation maintains a record of all those individuals, organisations and institutions globally whom it grants permission.

We encourage all those who have failed to seek the necessary permissions, to do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

For any other requests or questions, please contact the IAP2 Executive Manager at