2013 Core Values Awards Winners
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2013 Core Values Winners Circle

IAP2  announces international Core Values Awards in Salt Lake City, Utah USA

September 24, 2013
Nomi Muthialu, IAP2 Federation Presiding Member
It gives me great pleasure to be here this evening to announce the winners of the 2013 IAP2 International Core Values Awards.
This year for the first time the IAP2 Federation Board supported a new model of Core Values Awards, one where each Affiliate runs their own awards program, with winners of these being considered for Core Values Awards internationally. Put simply, the International Core Values Awards would be ‘the best of the best’ in three International Award categories: Project of the Year, Organization of the Year and Research Project of the Year.
IAP2 Federation Affiliates in Australasia, Southern Africa and the United States ran programs this year with winners being announced in Johannesburg, South Africa, Adelaide, South Australia and here tonight in Salt Lake City, Utah. For IAP2 members in Affiliates that did not run an awards program this year, the IAP2 Federation held the Member-at-Large awards to offer an opportunity for members around the world to submit their work. The winners in this group have been judged along with winning entries submitted by Affiliates for the international honors.
I am pleased to announce two entries in the Member-at-Large awards program are being recognized for their excellence in the Project of the Year category.
Highly Commended is awarded to the City of Calgary/Calgary Transit for their entry titled "RouteAhead: The 30-year strategic plan for Calgary Transit submitted by IAP2 Canada member Tracy McCabe.
The Winner of Project of the Year in the Member at Large group is awarded to Intelligent Futures, for their entry titled "Our Wascana submitted by IAP2 Canada member John Lewis.
The Project of the Year entries recognized previously by their respective Affiliates are the following:
IAP2 Southern Africa: Sonja Pithey Consulting submitted the winning Project of the Year for theCity of Cape Town S78(3) Waste Review Stakeholder Engagement process.
IAP2 Australasia: City of Marion, South Australia was recognized as the Project of the Year for Making Marion – A Community Plan towards 2040 submitted by Patrice Pearson.
IAP2 USA recognized Healthy Democracy for their Project of the Year entry, "The Citizens’ Initiative Review” submitted by Tyrone Reitman and the City of West Hollywood, Social Services Division for their entry titled "City of West Hollywood 2013 Community Study: Engaging, Listening, Learning”.
All of these entries were judged according to a set of criteria with an emphasis on IAP2’s Core Values by an international panel of judges convened by Leanne Hartill, IAP2 Federation Director, Australia, including:
Patricia Munro, World Café Europe, Germany
Fiona Cavanagh, Centre for Public Involvement, Canada
Rodolfo Lewanski, University of Bologna, Italy (2012 Award Winner)
On behalf of IAP2, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for their time and dedication to participating in this way.
So without further adieu, it is my pleasure to announce the winner of the IAP2 International Core Values Award Project of the Year…

Healthy Democracy for their Project of the Year entry, "The Citizens’ Initiative Review” submitted by Tyrone Reitman.


Congratulations to all the winners for their excellence in their work in the practice of public participation.