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New Innovations Symposium 2009     

The IAP2-BC Chapter hosted an international symposium on New Innovations in Public ParticipationThe State of the Art and Best Practices for Engaging Citizens on Friday April 24, 2009 at the Blue Horizon Hotel in Vancouver, BC.

The day-long event was attended by 70 participants who joined local and international experts in public participation to discuss topics of interest to advanced practitioners, managers, policy developers and others. Wherever possible, we have posted links to the presentations below.

The Changing Dynamics of Public Participation                   

Moira Deslandes, the Executive Director of IAP2 International (Australia), Richard Delaney of Delaney and Associates (Canada), Anne Carroll, IAP2 Board member and Public Involvement Consultant (USA), and Joana Janiw, IAP2 Board member and Public Servant (France) shared insights about the impact of the shifting socio-political landscape on the practice of public participation in democracies around the world.

Public Participation and Public Affairs

John Godec, IAP2 Board member and Conflict Resolution/Public Involvement Consultant (USA), Terry Koch, IAP2 Board member and Senior Public Involvement Specialist with Stantec Inc. (Canada), and Thoren Hudyma, Director of Public Relations at BC Transmission Corporation (Canada) discussed risk communications and corporate engagement and explored the challenges and opportunities of co-ordinating these two areas of professional competency.

The State of the Art:  BC Auditor General’s Report on Principles and Best Practices for Public Participation in BC 

Malcolm Gaston and Hamish Flanagan, from the Office of the Auditor General for BC, provided the keynote luncheon address.

Tools and Techniques for Evaluation 

Belinda Boyd, Community Engagement Specialist with Vancouver Coastal Health (Canada), Kimbra White, Community Engagement Consultant (Australia), and Richard Delaney provided an overview of what works and what doesn’t in the design and implementation of process evaluation.

Tools and Techniques for E-Consultation

Kirsten Koppang-Telford, Internet Strategist (Canada) and Pattie LeCroix, Stakeholder Engagement Consultant (Canada), and Allison Bond, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Social Development for the Province of British Columbia (Canada), brought forward their experience in e-consultation technologies to engage citizens.