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Strategic Initiatives for 2020 - A Message from the Chair

Thursday, February 6, 2020  
Posted by: Ellen Ernst
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Happy new year to our IAP2 family!

I hope you are all back from the Xmas break feeling refreshed and ready for our transition year. We’ve had a few years of discussions and decisions about the sort of organisation we want to be, and this is the year of making it all happen!

This email is to update you on some of our key initiatives including the training harmonisation project, the trainer collaborative, and to introduce the your new international board. It also highlights a few ways for you to get involved this year.

Training harmonisation project

This project involves building upon the best of our existing Federation and Australasian courses to deliver a single training product. Once we have this, we can focus on translation and customisation for different cultures and communities. This project also focuses on building a training pathway for members and others to develop their P2/ engagement profession at all career stages.

An EOI process last year awarded the project to a consortium led by Engagement plus which includes IAP2 members and trainers from USA and Australia, as well as adult training experts from an Australian university. We are excited to be working with them and they are keen to work with YOU.

As part of this project we want to establish a ‘Critical Friends’ group - a diverse group of people to review and comment at critical stages of the project. The attached Expression of Interest for the Critical Friends group talks more about the time commitment. We are keen to involve IAP2 members from all regions.


Trainer collaborative

The Global Practice Development Committee is excited to launch a new trainers initiative in 2020.  This initiative is to create a global Collaborative of Trainers which will be a forum for trainers to share resources, materials, courses, modules and ideas. The idea of the Trainer Collaborative came from the Trainer Advisory Committee (TAC) consultation with IAP2 trainers worldwide last year and will be super important as part of the overall change initiative. We hope you can help this initiative by joining a short-term project team to kick-start this collaborative. Please see the second attached Expression of Interest to participate.

New International licenses for trainers

Thank you to those of you who have shared thoughtful feedback about the interim licencing agreement and the development of the new Learning Pathway. The Global Practice Development Committee (GPDC), a committee of the IAP2 International Board, is leading this work. The engagement plan for the development of the ongoing license agreement is being developed, so watch this space!

Growing IAP2 around the world

Last year we did a significant piece of work on growing our global IAP2 presence. We’ve broadened how people can join the IAP2 family, created several pathways into IAP2, and we offer more support and remove as many barriers as possible. This will be discussed in detail with regional board chairs and boards next month.

New international board

We have a perfect mix of new and returning members on the international board. I would like to welcome Molly Campbell (AUS), Constance Ramacieri (CAN) and Adriene Wright (US). I would also like to welcome back Bruce Gilbert (CAN), Aldi Alizar (IND), Tim Hart (SA) and John Poynton (US). I’m pleased to report that Tim is the new deputy chair, John returns as treasurer and Aldi returns as secretary. Finally, I am honoured to be your international chair for another year.

 Given the amount of change we are going to see this year, I will be sending emails and socials at least monthly. Next month I will update you all on our UN focus and report on other strategic priorities of the new board. In the meantime, I encourage you to share the content of this email with anyone who might be interested. And if anyone wants to get more involved, please get in touch.

It’s an exciting time to work in P2/ engagement.

Kylie Cochrane

International Chair