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Australian Bushfire Crisis 2020: can you help?

Thursday, January 9, 2020  
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Australian Bushfire Crisis

Bushfires in Australia have been devastating, burning more than 10 million hectares of land, killing wildlife, destroying homes, and sending smoke across Australia and even to New Zealand. There is a long road ahead as our firefighters continue to manage existing and new fires as best they can, and as the impacted communities navigate this new reality and start to try and rebuild.

This is an emergency.

And we are heartbroken for those in the IAP2 family and wider community who have been affected.

Can you help?

IAP2 Australasia is calling on our engagement community to offer professional services pro bono to any Government agency or other organisation that needs assistance in engaging with the community in the areas of disaster response; disaster recovery; and climate change education and awareness.

If you are able to help, we invite you to email with your:

  1. Name
  2. Organisation
  3. Contact Phone
  4. Contact Email
  5. Location/s you are available to help in
  6. Services/areas of expertise (20 words)
  7. How you would like to help (20 words)
  8. Other relevant information

IAP2 Australasia will publish your details on our bushfire disaster recovery page, to be shared with Government agencies and organisations that need assistance.

We also are compiling resources to help those navigating disaster response engagement in affected areas and these will be available here.

If you have any relevant engagement tools or resources that you are willing to share with our community on our website, please email We will gladly acknowledge the source of any information shared with us.