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IAP2 International Research Award: PRR, Inc., USA

Wednesday, October 30, 2019  
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For the entry “Measuring Public Involvement Effectiveness: An Easy to Use Toolkit”

Dr Bruce Brown

Engagement processes can be complex or simple, use the latest tools and techniques or tried-and-true methods; but how well do they work?

PRR set out to find ways of quantifying “effectiveness” in public engagement from the point of view of both the public and the public involvement agency. After reviewing over a thousand documents, PRR identified indicators for success, developed means for measuring those indicators, and tested their work on three major transportation projects. In the course of the project, areas of improvement in public engagement strategy were identified in each of those three transportation projects. The result is a survey that can be made available online or in hard-copy form for the public and as an online survey for the public involvement agency. The toolkit also includes an Excel scoring tool and guidelines for administering and scoring the survey.

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