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Global Webinar: Large-Scale P2 for Large-Scale Projects

Monday, February 11, 2019  
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Got a big project? You’ll need some BIG P2! 

Do you have -- or expect to have -- a P2 assignment that covers a wide swath of territory, or even an entire country? Here’s your chance to learn some tips and techniques from a couple of award-winning projects! On Tuesday, February 12 (11am PST / 2pm EST)“Large-Scale P2 for Large-Scale Projects”will feature two processes that had to cover a lot of ground -- and won Projects of the Year for 2018 from IAP2 Canada and IAP2 USA.

The Federal Department of Justice set out to reform Canada’s Criminal Justice system, on seeing three startling statistics: the rate of incarceration for Aboriginal people in Federal prisons is nine times that of the general population; 60% of people in prison are still waiting to go to trial; only 5% of sexual assault cases are reported, and less than half of those result in a “guilty” verdict.

The National Dialogue on Transforming Canada’s Criminal Justice System reached out to as broad a range of people as possible, with the simple question, “How would you transform our criminal justice system to better serve Canadians?” The Justice department also won the award for Creativity, Contribution and Innovation in the Field. (Watch their Core Values Awards video here.)

In the United States, Williams Energy planned its massive Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project to run through ten counties in Eastern Pennsylvania, but the route travelled through long-established family farm areas and several sensitive ecosystems. Williams and Outreach Experts reached out to specific groups, including environmentalists, farmers’ associations, conservation and naturalist groups. Among other things, the consultations led to nearly 30-miles of re-routing and the building of eco-friendly nature trails. Williams, Outreach Experts and the Williams Foundation also won the Core Values Award in the General Project category. (Watch their Core Values Awards video here.)

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