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Journal of Public Deliberation: Deliberative Democracy in an Era of Authoritarianism

Friday, December 14, 2018  
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The editors of the Journal of Public Deliberation are pleased to announce the publication of a special issue, which is now available at

Volume 14, Issue 2 “Deliberative Democracy in an Era of Authoritarianism”
This is a special issue that considers the relationship of deliberative democracy and authoritarianism. The essays represent a variety of perspectives how deliberative scholars and practitioners should respond to authoritarian threats to democracy, how deliberation relates to other forms of political civic engagement, and what current political trends may mean for future deliberative research and practice.

Tim Shaffer & Laura Black, “Authoritarianism and Deliberative Democracy: Responding to Our Current Political Times and Contexts” (Introductory Essay)

Nicole Curato & Lucy J. Parry, “Deliberation in Democracy’s Dark Times”

Robert C. Richards, Jr., “Deliberative Mini-publics as a Partial Antidote to Authoritarian Information Strategies”

Peter Levine “Habermas with a Whiff of Tear Gas: Nonviolent Campaigns and Deliberation in an Era of Authoritarianism”

Anna Wiederhold Wolfe, “Dialogue and Deliberation as Agonistic Resistance: Designing Interactional Processes to Reconstitute Collective Identities”

Renee G. Heath, “Facilitating Vulnerability and Power in New Hampshire Listen’s ‘Blue and You’”

Peter Muhlberger, “Stealth Democracy: Authoritarianism and Democratic Deliberation”

Robert S. Hinck, Hayley Hawthorne, & Joshua Hawthorne, “Authoritarians Don’t Deliberate: Cultivating Deliberation and Resisting Authoritarian Tools in and Age of Global Nationalism”

Nancy L. Thomas & J. Kyle Upchurch, “Strengthening Democracy by Design: Challenges and Opportunities”

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