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Organisational Change Process

Wednesday, August 8, 2018  
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Kylie Cochrane, IAP2 International Chair

Members have told us that you want IAP2 to develop and promote best practices and advocate for engagement. You want an organisation that champions for meaningful and credible engagement from leaders and government. We’re creating this.

IAP2 is currently a federation or international body made up of six affiliates or regions - Australasia (Australia and New Zealand), Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Southern Africa and the US. Each Affiliate is a legal entity in their own country, with their own governance structure, Board of Directors, and members. However, many of us agree that this current operating model is not working.

To help address this dilemma, the IAP2 Federation Board launched a process of re-design to help us articulate and create the organisation that we want to be - a sustainable and dynamic international association for engagement professionals.

This process was led by a diverse working group of members and trainers. This work started in Denver, at the time of the 2017 North American Conference. Out of the Denver Group came the change committee – a group of volunteer individuals tasked with scoping the change and shaping the future of IAP2.

With the input of your affiliate boards and the federation board, the change committee has come up with a series of recommendations that will ultimately allow us to create the world-class international collaborative best-practice network that we want – one that lives and abides by the core values of the International Association for Public Participation.

I’m really excited about these recommendations. If adopted they will ensure that the future IAP2 will place significant focus on advocating for and growing engagement practice around the world - both in terms of expanding engagement in new regions, as well as ensuring that IAP2 remains at the cutting edge of new engagement developments including innovations in tools, techniques and technologies. These recommendations propose that training can be developed and delivered anywhere around the world – and that an international committee tasked with ensuring training quality and consistency be created. Better international connections achieved through communities of practice and better sharing of lessons learned across the IAP2 global community are also proposed. In summary, these recommendations will enable us to become the future-focused international professional organisation that we want to be.

Bang the Table is providing an online engagement platform for all members to participate in online discussion and dialogue about these proposed changes and recommendations. Your input/ feedback from these discussions will feed into decisions on the future of the IAP2 organisational model. High level in principal decisions will be made by affiliate boards at face to face meetings in September in Victoria, Canada to be held in conjunction with the North American IAP2 Conference. Over the next 12 months we will consider and implement the detail of these recommendations.

Thank you for your interest and I encourage you to contribute. LetsTalkIAP2!

Kylie Cochrane, IAP2 International Chair