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IAP2 USA: Welcome to our new CP3s! YOU could be next!

Friday, July 13, 2018  
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13 July 2018

Three more IAP2 USA members are now Certified Public Participation Professionals! Leah Jaramillo, Wendy Green Lowe and Catherine Smith all passed the Assessment Center in June in Salt Lake City and can now add “CP3” to their names. CONGRATULATIONS!

Wendy Lowe
Wendy Lowe

Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith

Leah Jaramillo
Leah Jaramillo

Is it time for you to follow their lead? The application period is now open for the next IAP2 USA Certification Assessment Center, coming up November 30 - December 1, and you have until August 10 to submit yours. For a limited time, we’re offering a reduced price: you can save over $600 in application fees.

The designation “Certified Public Participation Professional” (CP3) indicates that you meet or exceed an internationally-recognized set of standards as a P2 practitioner. It means you possess the Core Competencies and have an established “track record” in the field. (It is not the same as receiving a “Certificate of Completion” in the IAP2 Foundations course.)

Are you ready for that next big step in your career? Download the Information Kit and read the Frequently Asked Questions; then apply for the CP3 here.

Please remember that this is intentionally a rigorous process; the assessors have to be convinced that you have the Core Competencies. The application will take time (previous candidates have suggested up to 20-40 hours to complete the forms and other written work) so don’t delay!

The location for the Assessment Center is still to be announced -- it will be in a location convenient for the greatest number of applicants.