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IAP2 Canada: Professional P2 Certification 10 August application deadline

Friday, July 13, 2018  
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13 July 2018

The next IAP2 Canada Certification Assessment Centre is scheduled for November 30 - December 1st, and the application period is now open. Please note that we only run an Assessment Centre twice a year - the next one is proposed for June 2019.

The designation “Certified Public Participation Professional” indicates that you meet or exceed an internationally-recognized set of standards as a P2 practitioner. It means you possess the Core Competencies and have an established “track record” in the field. (It is not the same as receiving a “Certificate of Completion” in the IAP2 Foundations course; completing Foundations is a prerequisite for certification.)

Last December, we welcomed three new Certified Public Participation Professionals (CP3s): Jessica Delaney, Anne Harding and Yvonne Morrison. Here are a couple of their stories:

Anne Harding “I decided to get my certification for a number of reasons: I believe in the program, I believe in IAP2 and the professionalization of the practice and at the time, I was the only certified CP3 who practices P2 “in-house” within a company (Suncor Energy). More than that, it was about checking on my own skills, having worked in the resource sector for 11 years and following IAP2 Core Values and Code of Ethics, so this was a good opportunity for my own professional development to test where I was at.” (Learn more about Anne’s experience with the CP3 process and be prepared.)

Jessica Delaney “I’ve been in P2 for over fifteen years and have seen the practice evolve from a “Community Relations” exercise into a sophisticated and step-wise process. (My) long-term goal is to see the practice of public participation continue to evolve and serve the needs of not only proponents and sponsors of processes, but community. (Jessica has some tips for potential candidates)

So - are you ready for that next big step in your career? Download the Information Kit here and read the Frequently Asked Questions; then apply!

Please remember that this is intentionally a rigorous process; the assessors have to be convinced that you have the Core Competencies. The application will take time (previous candidates have suggested up to 20-40 hours to complete the forms and other written work) so don’t delay!

The deadline to apply is August 10, 2018. Applicants will find out if they move on to the next stage September 10 and the Assessment Centre will take place November 30 - December 1 in a location to be announced (based on convenience for the greatest number of applicants).

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