Board of Directors Committees
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IAP2 Program Areas and Committee

A significant amount of association work is performed by members who participate on committees.  Committee areas are established by the Board of Directors.  Listed below are the committees, the purpose and functions, and chairs for each committee.

Executive Committee
The IAP2 Executive Committee is comprised of the current president, the president-elect, the immediate past president and the treasurer.  IAP2's paid executive director also serves on this committee as a non-voting member.

The Executive Committee provides administrative and financial oversight to the association.  This includes monitoring the association's budget and revenues and ensuring that the association has the financial and staff resources to meet goals and objectives.  The Executive Committee also provides oversight to the annual conference and the Core Values. 

2007 Executive Committee Chair:  Scott Russell
Staff Support:  Dina Alengi Storz

Goverance Committee

IAP2 Governance Guidelines Committee Workplan

Committee Members:  Elizabeth Carlson, Beatrice Briggs, and Lonny Gabinet

Membership Committee -
IAP2 is a membership-based organization.  Its members generate ideas, direction, and policies.  The committee's objectives for 2005 included:
  • 1,005 by 2005 membership drive - which helped grow IAP2's membership to more than 1,000 members by October 2005.  The committee also teamed with the Training Committee to offer a discounted membership to nonmembers who complete all three certificate courses. 
  • Marketing IAP2 certificate training to other related organizations.
  • Developing a traveling IAP2 display for conferences and other events.

Membership Committee Chair:  TBD
Staff Support:  Erin Erickson

Chapters Committee
- IAP2 chapters provide members the opportunity to participate locally.  The committee's objectives for 2005 included:

  • Reviewing chapter policies.
  • Strengthening existing chapters.
  • Identifying potential new chapters.
  • Establishing guidelines for staff to assist chapters in their efforts to provide programming and training to their members.

2006 Committee Workplan Chapter Liaisons Chapter Policies

Board Liaison to the Chapters: Elizabeth Carlson
Staff Support:  Erin Erickson

Communications Committee - The communications committee provides oversight for IAP2's monthly online newsletter, eNews; the printed quarterly newsletter, Participation Quarterly; the IAP2 Web site, the annual report, and other printed materials.  The committees objectives for 2005 included:

  • Positioning IAP2 as the recognized public participation professional organization.
  • Reviewing and redesigning the IAP2 Web site to meet member needs.
  • Producing an annual report to be presented at the AGM.
  • Improving the content and appeal of eNews and PQ.
  • Developing policies and procedures for use of copyright protected materials.
  • Producing a style guide for all IAP2 published materials.
  • Raising IAP2's profile using press releases.

Communications Committee Co-chairs:  Carol Anderson
Staff Support:  Dina Alengi Storz and Erin Erickson

Marketing / Development Committee - The marketing committee's goals are to support and facilitate the international growth of IAP2 while exploring / developing new products and benefits to meet member needs.  The committee's work in 2005 included:

  • Conducting surveys to gather data about member's needs and demographics.

Marketing Committee Chair: Greg Chan
Staff Support:  Dina Alengi Storz

Research Committee - The research committee was established to help expand the network of people interested in sharing research advances in public participation.  The committee had several objectives for 2005 including:

  • Launch new online, searchable database of public participation resources.  (Visit the new IAP2 Knowledge Network)
  • Completing an update of the IAP2 bibliography in conjunction with creating a new, online searchable database to support the new bibliography.
  • Continue progress on a joint research project with the Kettering Foundation.
  • Creating new forums for sharing public participation research advances at IAP2 conferences.
  • Continue work to bring back Interact as an annually, partially peer-reviewed journal.

Kettering Project Site 2006 Committee Workplan

Research Committee Co-chairs:  Katherine Beavis and Beth Offenbacker
Staff Support:  Dina Alengi Storz

Training Committee - The Training Committee took on several large projects in 2005 including:

  • Completing revisions to all student and trainer manuals for IAP2 certificate courses.
  • Conducting two Trainers' Academies in Alberta, Canada and Sydney, Australia which resulted in the addition of more than 10 new licensed IAP2 trainers.
  • Refining criteria and process for evaluation new Tier II courses.
  • Offering three days of pre-conference training in Portland, Oregon.
  • Completing the translation of all training materials into Spanish.
  • Beginning the translationof all training materials into French.
  • Creating new policies to support the growth and international expansion of the IAP2 training community.

Training Committee Chair:  Wendy Green Lowe
Staff Support:  Dina Alengi Storz and Jesse Haynes

International Expansion  - The Latin American Initiative began in 2003, with the intention of offering IAP2 training in Spanish and learning how to make the Association visible and relevant to public participation practitioners in Latin America. 

Latin American Initiative Contact:  Beatrice Briggs

IAP2 has 501(3)(c) charity status in USA and is able to receive donations from within the USA.

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