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The Public Participation (P2) Knowledge Network at www.iap2.civicore.com, has been launched by the International Association for Public Participation in partnership with Portland State University's Center for Public Participation.  

The P2 Knowledge Network is an interactive resource for academics and practitioners alike who are interested in sharing knowledge and research on public participation.

Value-added bibliography
The Network contains a database of over 300 books, articles and websites drawn from IAP2’s original bibliographies, which were refined and updated in 2005.  Records include papers, abstracts, web links, and other information, all in a searchable and exportable format.  Visitors are encouraged to recommend and add new material to the database.   

Online discussion forum
The Forum is a place to engage in discussion on your choice of topic, for example: opinions on current papers, new research initiatives, teaching materials, debating the “big questions”, etc.  This is your space to explore ideas with other members of the P2 community.

The P2 Knowledge Network was created in response to requests from IAP2’s members for a way to share new ideas about public participation, enhance the research field and improve the practice.  It is free and accessible to all. 

Please visit the site and join the Network!

IAP2 has 501(3)(c) charity status in USA and is able to receive donations from within the USA.

Federation of International Association of Public Participation
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