IAP2 Train the Trainer Program - Update May 2013
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IAP2 Certificate Train-the-Trainer Program - Update May 2013

As part of IAP2’s strategy of continuous improvement, IAP2 did a review of its Train-the-Trainer (T3) Certificate Program to ensure that this Program is the “best of the best”. The T3 Review Committee was created in January 2013 to oversee this process.
The T3 Review Committee completed their review of the current Certificate Train-the-Trainer Program and presented the findings and recommendations to the IAP2 Board in April. As a result of that Review the Board has agreed to develop a new Train-the-Trainer Program and the current program will cease to exist.
The Board is committed to the development of a new T3 Program with the following vision:
o   The IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation Program (formerly the Certificate Program) is the premier structured learning opportunity provided for P2 practitioners and others to advance the practice of public participation (P2).  As such, the organization must have a robust train-the-trainer program which licenses trainers who are able to ensure the highest possible quality of learning outcomes that help participants strengthen their understanding and ability to apply the Foundations of Public Participation.  
We would be happy to take your name and get back to you when the new Program is ready to accept applicants. If you are interested, please email IAP2 at t3@iap2.org.
Thank you for your support of IAP2 and your interest in becoming an IAP2 Trainer. 

IAP2 has 501(3)(c) charity status in USA and is able to receive donations from within the USA.

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