Journal - January 2010 - Hilgers - Ihl
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IJP2 - Volume 4, Issue 1 - January 2010

Special Symposium Issue "Obama Administration and Public Participation"

Citizensourcing: Applying the Concept of Open Innovation to the Public Sector

Dennis Hilgers, Christopher Ihl


Abstract. Theories of innovation suggest the process of product and service development is becoming more open, placing more emphasis on external knowledge and involving a wide range of external actors to achieve and sustain innovation. The growing success of open innovation practices in many firms raises the question of whether these principles can be transferred for the reinventing of public sector organizations. Going beyond a technocratic e-government paradigm, but with the support of Internet technology, the authors present a structural overview of how external collaboration and innovation between citizens and public administrations can offer new ways of citizen integration and participation, enhancing public value creation and even the political decision-making process.

Keywords: citizen engagement, citizen participation, collaboration, citizensourcing, open innovation

Citation: Hilgers, D., & Ihl, C. (2010). Citizensourcing: Applying the Concept of Open Innovation to the Public Sector. International Journal of Public Participation, 4(1), 67-88.

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