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British Columbia Chapter

Geographic Region: The BC Chapter's geographic region is the province of British Columbia, Canada.

The BC Chapter was established in March 1995. The Chapter currently has over 100 members.

What's New

We have a new website! Please click on the link below to visit the new BC CHapter Home page!

Older material will be migrated over to the new site in the near future.

IAP2 BC Chapter 2011 AGM

The BC Chapter 2011 AGM was held Monday, November 21 at the Sculpture Gallery Room at the Listel Hotel, 1300 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC.  Nearly 30 members were in attendance along with guests Gale Simpson and Gay Robinson, who are IAP2 members and part of the Wildrose Chapter and who were in Vancouver to teach the IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation course, and some participants from the certificate course. Chapter member attendending came from across the Lower Mainland, Squamish, and Victoria.    At the meeting the Executive Committee gave a report on their work and the achievements of the chapter over the past year, the chapter financial report was presented, the Nominations Committee gave their report, the new Executive was installed, the outgoing Executive was given a vote of thanks for their work over the past two years, and Amelia Shaw, President of IAP2 Canada and a member of the BC Chapter provided an update on what is happening at the IAP2 Canada and IAP2 international level.  The Chapter breaking the 100 member mark was also celebrated at the meeting.  Reports presented at the AGM can be found in the Archives section below.  A full report on the AGM will be forthcoming in the next issue of the Member Bulletin slated to be out in the near future.

New IAP2 BC Chapter Executive

The new Executive Committee (in alphabetical order by position) installed at the AGM is as follows:
Member Services Coordinator:                        Craig Amundsen (elected by acclamation)
Partnership Development Coordinator:           Caryl Harper (elected by vote of the membership)
President:                                                        Catherine Rockandel (elected by acclamation)
Program Coordinator:                                      Vincent Gonsalves (elected by acclamation)
Secretary:                                                        Drew Ferrari (elected by acclamation)
Treasurer:                                                        Sarah McKinney (elected by acclamation)


NEW IAP2 Spring Symposium - Thursday, May 24th - Please register here by May 18th.

New IAP2 Certificate Training with Delaney and Associates - May 28-June 1st BCIT Vancouver

IAP2 Coffee Chat and Peer Review with Enbridge Northern Gateway - Thursday, April 19th, 2012 - Please Register with Vincent Gonsalves by April 12th.

Ideavibes and PlaceSpeak Present - Engage the Crowd - Breakfast and Learn WorkshopApril 19 8:00-10:15AM Register through Eventbrite

Fundchange, Koodonation and Telus Present Breakfast Workshop: Crowdfunding, Microvolunteering & Social Media for Charities and Non-Profits April 18, 8:00-10:15AM Register through Eventbrite

IAP2 Spring Social - Monday, March 26, 2012 - Please RSVP to Vincent Gonsalves by March 21st.

IAP2 Roundtable in Victoria- February 6, 2012 - For more information or to register contact Amelia Shaw

IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation - March 26-30, 2012. For more information or to register, contact 

Group Facilitation Skills for Public Engagement - April 16-17, 2012. For more information or to register, contact

Analyze This! Making Sense of Conflict in Public Engagement - April 18, 2012. For more information or to register, contact

Standing in the Fire: Transforming Conflict through Collaboration (advanced course, pre-requisite is “Analyze This!”) - April 19-20, 2012. For more information or to register, contact

IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation - May 28-June 1, 2012. For more information or to register, contact


BC Chapter Executive Committee:

Catherine Rockandel, President

Drew Ferrari, Secretary

Sarah McKinney, Treasurer

Craig Amundsen, Member Services Co-ordinator

Caryl Harper, Partnership Development Co-ordinator

Vincent Gonsalves, Program Co-ordinator


BC Chapter Charter: BC Chapter Charter.

BC Chapter Strategic Plan:  Strategic Plan, Strategic Plan 2009-2012 Revised.

BC Chapter Operating Policies and Procedures: Operating Policies & Procedures.

BC Chapter AGMs: 2009:   2009 AGM Minutes - Adopted.  2010:  2010 AGM Minutes - Draft Executive Committee Report to the MembersBC Chapter Financial Statement2011:  Notice of AGM & Agenda.  Executive Committee Report to the MembersBC Chapter Financial StatementNominations Committee Report.

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes: 2009: December 10, 2009, 2010. January 21, 2010. March 11, 2010. March 31, 2010. May 4, 2010. July 28, 2010. August 25, 2010October 5, 2010, December 14, 2010, 2011. February 7, 2011February 25, 2011. March 24, 2011. May 9, 2011. June 2, 2011. July 13, 2011August 24.11September 12.11October 5, 2011.

Member Bulletins: Winter 2009. Spring 2010Fall 2010Winter 2011. Summer 2011Fall 2011.

Past BC Chapter Executives:  2009-2011:  Donald Golob, President & Secretary; Marilyn Marchment, Treasurer & Members Services Co-ordinator; Emma Shea, Program Co-ordinator; Katherine Beavis, Partnership Development Co-ordinator.  2011-2013:

Events & Presentations: 

Spring Symposium 2012 - Thursday, May 24th - Please register here by May 18th

Spring Symposium 2011 - Introduction: Making the Business Case for Public Participation

Spring Symposium 2011 - "So What?": Vancouver Island Health Authority

Spring Symposium 2011 - Community Plan: District of North Vancouver

Spring Symposium 2011 - Participant Evaluation Forms Summary

Spring Symposium 2009 - April 2009 New Innovations in Public Participation

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? 

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions related to the BC Chapter, please feel free to contact any of the BC Chapter Executive Committee. 




IAP2 has 501(3)(c) charity status in USA and is able to receive donations from within the USA.

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