2006 Pre-conference Training
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Call for Pre-conference Training

Decision Montreal
November 10 - 15, 2006
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

IAP2 seeks proposals for pre-conference training for the 2006 International Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in November.   Proposed courses should be directed at imparting the knowledge and skills used in public participation for a variety of experience levels.


Pre-conference training proposals should include the following information:

  • Name, title and contact information (phone, fax and e-mail) for all trainer(s)
  • Proposed course title and proposed length (half-day, full-day or two-day)
  • Brief course description (50 words) to be used in conference brochure and other marketing materials
  • Proposed course outline/agenda
  • Desired class size, including minimum and maximum sizes that would work based on your proposed training design
  • Key messages/learnings that the proposed course is designed to impart
  • An explanation of how this course would be useful to conference attendees/IAP2’s international membership
  • Training availability dates (November 10-November 12) – which of those days training could be scheduled and which day would be preferred
  • Names and contact information (phone and e-mail) for three references who are familiar with the trainer's delivery of the proposed training material
  • Brief trainer's bio (50 words for each trainer)

Please submit required information in a Word document and attach it to an e-mail to: dina@iap2.org, subject "November 2006 pre-conference training proposal.” 


Schedule for Approval of Training Proposals for the November 2006 International Conference is as follows:

  • Call for Proposals, March 13, 2006
  • Deadline for Proposals, May 19, 2006
  • Notification of Trainers, June 9, 2006
  • Contracts with Trainers, June 23, 2006
  • Early Bird Registration Deadline, October 10, 2006
  • Final Decisions Regarding Training Schedules (based on actual registrations to date), October 11, 2006

For a copy of the draft contract that will be used for October 2006 Training, contact Dina Alengi-Storz at IAP2 Headquarters. 


Tier II Professional Training


Background: IAP2 has designed and delivered the IAP2 Certificate Program for several years for beginning to advanced-intermediate practitioners.  The three modules are Planning for Effective Public Participation (2 days), Communications for Effective Public Participation (1 day), and Techniques for Effective Public Participation (2 days).  Over 2,500 people have taken at least one module. Participants who successfully complete all three modules receive a Certificate of Completion for the IAP2 Certificate Program.  See www.iap2.org or contact IAP2 staff at 1-800-644-4273 for more information.  These courses are considered Tier I courses.


Tier II Courses: IAP2 launched this program in 2003 to provide high-quality training covering content beyond the Certificate Program.  The courses have been carefully reviewed by IAP2’s Training Committee to assure that the content is consistent with and complementary to the IAP2 Certificate Program and appropriate for graduates of that program. 


Tier II courses are expected to offer more in-depth training in skills and techniques introduced in the Certificate courses and related material, including but not limited to dialogue, facilitation, comment management, content analysis, risk communication, conflict management, diversity and inclusiveness, and evaluation.  Courses focused on imparting skills in specific techniques are also encouraged. 


Ideally, course developers would have attended the Certificate Program; minimally, they must have been active members of IAP2 for at least three years. The burden of responsibility for demonstrating that a course is consistent with and complementary to the IAP2 Certificate Program lies with the trainer. 


If you would like your course proposal to be considered for endorsement as a Tier II course, include the following additional items with your pre-conference training proposal:

  • An explanation of how the course addresses key concepts covered in the Certificate Program
  • An explanation of how the course would complement the material covered in the Certificate Program
  • An explanation of why people who have completed the Certificate Program might find this particular training to be useful in their ongoing professional development

Designation as an IAP2 Tier II Course involves the following steps:

  1. Course developers submit applications providing the additional information noted above
  2. IAP2 Training Committee reviews submitted materials
  3. If selected for consideration, the course is designated a “Proposed for Endorsement as a Tier II Course” in conference materials
  4. A representative of the IAP2 Training Committee audits and evaluates the course
  5. IAP2 Training Committee makes a decision and notifies the course developer

If the course is endorsed as an IAP2 Tier II Course, the course developer is granted permission by IAP2 to market the course with that endorsement at IAP2 Conferences and in other venues, subject to the terms and conditions of the Tier II agreement. 

IAP2 has 501(3)(c) charity status in USA and is able to receive donations from within the USA.

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