IAP2 Licensed Trainers - Foundations in Public Participation
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  • Alan Beattie
  • Jan Bloomfield
  • Tanya Burdett
  • Barbara Chappell
  • Jessica Delaney
  • Richard Delaney
  • Michelle Feenan
  • John Godec
  • Mary Hamel
  • Margaret Harvie
  • Vikki Hilton
  • LaVerne Kyriss
  • Wendy Lowe
  • Penny Mabie
  • Stephani Roy McCallum
  • Lewis Michaelson
  • Mary Moreland
  • Amanda Newbery
  • Elmah Nthebolan
  • Antoinette Pietersen
  • Gay Robinson
  • John Ross
  • Marty Rozelle
  • Doug Sarno
  • Amelia Shaw
  • Alice Sherring
  • Gale Simpson
  • Tannis Topolnisky
  • Nathan Williams
  • Gary Willson

  • Alan Beattie

    Nyaarla Projects
    Unit 14, 16 Yampi Way
    Willeton, Perth, WA 6155 Australia
    (PO Box 944, Subiaco WA 6904)

    Email: abeattie@nyaarla.com.au
    Phone: 61+ (0)8 92595700
    Fax: 61+ (0)8 259 5733
    Website: www.nyaarla.com.au

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2005
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2003
    Graduate Diploma in Information Studies, University of South Australia, 2001
    Certificate IV in Business Facilitation, Victoria University of Technology, 2001
    Diploma in Public Administration, Western Australia Department of Training, 1994

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Alan Beattie is a public participation consultant working in: Indigenous organizations/issues: Infrastructure (inc. power, water, roads, sewage); Social planning; Reviews; and Planning across all areas (inc. indigenous issues, sport & recreation, the arts, health).

    Alan provides services to clients in a number of areas including: public participation/community consultation, training and employment, youth and education, community development, cross cultural liaison/consultation, business facilitation and planning.

    Alan has a background in the public sector (Commonwealth and State), and the private and not-for-profit sectors. Alan has been selected to be on a number of public participation panels such as the Commissioner for Children & Youth panel to maximize the participation of children and young people and the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Facilitation Panel.

    Alan helped to establish the Western Australian IAP2 sub-committee in 2008.

    Jan Bloomfield

    Strategy Plus
    9608 – 100 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0T6 Canada

    Email: bloomjan@telus.net
    Phone: 780-425-4583
    Fax: 780-425-4615
    Website: www.canadiantrainerscollective.ca

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2005
    Western Career Assignment Management Development Program
    Master of Arts, Geography, University of Ottawa
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Geography, University of Western Ontario

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Jan Bloomfield is founding member of the Canadian Trainers Collective (CTC), whose mission is to provide professional development to practitioners and others who wish to enhance relations with their stakeholders. She has over 24 years of experience in public administration with the Governments of Canada and Alberta, with expertise in program/process design and evaluation, public consultation, policy analysis, and strategic/business planning.

    Since leaving government and starting her own company, Strategy Plus, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1997, Jan has assisted public and private sector clients in designing and coordinating stakeholder consultation and facilitating strategic and business planning. She has worked in such areas as tourism, parks, community planning, economic development, environment and agriculture, education and libraries, transportation, and with Aboriginal communities. Jan enjoys traveling and also operates a home-based travel agency.

    Jan joined IAP2 in 1999 and served on the Wild Rose Chapter Board in various capacities from 2002 to 2012 (including two years as President). Jan was also a member on the founding board for the IAP2 Canada Affiliate in 2011, and joined the IAP2 Canada Board in 2012, currently as Secretary and one of its representatives on the IAP2 Federation Board.

    Tanya Burdett, MEnvSt (Hon)

    3/441 St Kilda Road
    Melbourne, Victoria 3004 Australia

    Email: tanya.burdett@kbr.com
    Phone (A): +61(0) 3 9828 5440 / +61(0)408 343 447
    Phone (UK): +44(0)785 9010218
    Website: www.kbr.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2014
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2007
    Masters in Environmental Studies (First Class Honours), University of Melbourne, Australia
    Bachelor of Applied Science (Planning) (Distinctions), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
    Certified Practising Planner, Planning Institute of Australia
    Various continuing professional development courses including Building an Engaging Organisation and Cred! (IAP2 Australasia), Edward De Bono Six Thinking Hats Course; Managing Across Cultures, Gender Development Throughout the Project Cycle, and Impact Assessment (IDSS).

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Tanya Burdett has 18 years of experience in stakeholder engagement and consultation. Her engagement work ranges from consultation on master plans setting out future visions for small communities of a few thousand people, to engagement across country-wide programs and on major new project and policy initiatives such as the Ichthys LNG Project in the Northern Territory (Australia), High Speed Rail proposals (HS2, in the UK), and National Policy Statements and Eco-towns policy (UK).

    Tanya has worked on over 70 projects in various sectors, each one requiring differing levels of stakeholder engagement, and has directly managed consultation programmes for several major upgrades to industrial plants, area-based planning strategies, Planning Scheme reviews, and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for proposed major works. Tanya’s experience covers a range of sectors including: planning strategy and policy development; urban development; energy planning and development; transport; water supply and sanitation; mining and resources; oil and gas; coastal development, marinas and leisure facilities; and other industrial development.

    Tanya joined KBR in July 2011 following 8 years of experience in the UK working for various central government departments on implementation of European legislation and UNECE conventions on environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, engagement and public participation within this and the spatial planning sector. Tanya is Director of ESsential Planning, Ltd, provides ongoing advice to the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment as part of the EIA Quality Mark Panel, and continues to deliver IAP2 training in the UK in association with the University of Westminster.

    Tanya helped to establish the Victorian division of the Australasian Chapter of IAP2 in 2003, and the IAP2 UK & Ireland Affiliate over 2004-10. She has delivered IAP2 training and other capacity building activities in the UK, Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, Ghana, Yemen, Mongolia, China and Australia, and has worked in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Western Samoa.

    Barbara Chappell

    Simply Speaking Seanachai
    PO Box 110
    Belair 5052 South Australia

    Email: chappell@aapt.net.au
    Phone: 61+ (0) 8 82785698
    Mobile: 0429 155 743
    Website: www.simplyspeaking.net.au

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2014
    EOP2 Licensed Trainer, 2014
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2006
    Master of Conflict Management, University of South Australia
    Fielding University Post Graduate Certificate in Dialogue and Deliberation
    Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
    Planning with Communities – Group Skills and Facilitation Training
    Leading Edge Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation Training (LEADR)
    Diploma Human Resource Management, TAFE

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Barbara Chappell is an experienced community engagement practitioner living and working in South Australia with an IAP2 license to train participants in public participation and emotion and outrage management. She holds a Masters of Conflict Management and has a background in the development and implementation of community engagement framework models in local government. In 2008 she worked with the SA Local Government Association to research and develop a community engagement model framework for use throughout Councils in South Australia. Barbara is the recipient of two awards for her contributions to community engagement in SA.

    A background in hospital services management, qualifications in Human Resource Management, extensive study, and a commitment to community volunteering — her mediation skills were developed through pro-bono court work involving small claims and resolving resident disputes in local government — add to Barbara’s diverse knowledge base, enabling her to bring value and integrity to working with people.

    Barbara completed post graduate studies in Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement through the Fielding Graduate University in 2010 to increase her knowledge and her abilities to contribute to the improvement of public participation across South Australia. She is now studying "Communities of Practice” to learn how to more effectively bring people together to share knowledge and learn from one another. Barbara hosts a program called "Close Encounters of a Community Kind” on community radio station CoastFM to help connect people to local groups and organisations.

    Jessica Delaney

    Delaney and Associates Inc.
    700 – 838 West Hastings Street
    Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 0A6 Canada

    Email: jessica@rmdelaney.com
    Phone: (778) 851-1023
    Mobile: (778) 857-9545
    Website: www.rmdelaney.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2015
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2010
    Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), International Association of Facilitators
    Canadian Public Relations Society Member
    Master of Arts, University of British Columbia, 2005
    Bachelor of Journalism, Carleton University, 2003
    Bachelor of Arts, Carleton University, 2003
    Concentration International Affairs, Carleton University, 2003

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Jessica Delaney has over a decade of experience in complex working environments that require sound planning and decision-making skills. She has worked in the areas of engagement, facilitation and strategic communications in the natural resources, municipal government, and healthcare sectors. Jessica has planned over 50 noteworthy engagements using a variety of in-person and online engagement techniques to help stakeholders and organizations come together for collaborative decision making.

    Jessica is a passionate trainer, facilitator, and communicator. She works to facilitate learning amongst and between participants by focusing on adult learning best practices, namely by making the content relevant, motivating, fun, and interactive. In 2013, after a rewarding career in municipal government, she joined the family business, Delaney and Associates, established 20 years ago by her father where she now serves as Principal of Strategic Communications and Engagement. In this role, she manages the Vancouver office and leads the engagement, communications, facilitation, and training projects for Western Canada. Jessica loves Vancouver and enjoys spending time with her family at the beaches or in the mountains.

    Richard Delaney, MPA, CPF

    Delaney and Associates Inc.
    1735 Bellechasse Place
    Ottawa, Ontario K1C 6W4 Canada

    Email: delaney@rmdelaney.com
    Phone: (613) 837-5890
    Fax: (613) 837-2806
    Website: www.rmdelaney.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2007
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, ????

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    During his eighteen-year career with government Richard was a public participation professional for the Public Works and Government Services Canada, Transport Canada and the Department of National Defence, where he held senior management positions directing the land management and environmental assessment programmes of large federal programmes, including the public participation and stakeholder relations functions. As a consultant, since 1996, Richard has designed, planned and undertaken over 200 stakeholder and public engagement projects; specializing in the areas of environmental management, sustainable development, health and education. Richard is known for his expertise in supporting science-based regulatory, policy and programme decisions.

    Richard Delaney operates Delaney and Associates, Inc., with offices in Ottawa and Vancouver, Canada. Richard is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and holds certificates in National Issues Forum Moderation, Post-Disaster Facilitation and Public Participation. He obtained his Masters in Public Policy and Administration from Carleton University, in Ottawa, and a diploma in Forest Management from Sandford Fleming, in Peterborough, Ontario. Richard was appointed co-ordinator for the St. Lawrence IAP2 chapter in 2006.

    As President of the Canadian institute for Public Engagement (www.instituteforpublicengagement.org), Richard advocates for more and better public engagement in Canada and works with private, public and community organizations to build dialogue capacity at the organizational level. He offers courses in: facilitating engagement, managing public participation projects and presentation skills for science-based professionals. Richard also operates a facilitation practice specializing in strategic and business planning for government in his strength sectors.

    Michelle Feenan

    Engagement Plus
    PO Box 438, Red Hill
    Brisbane, QLD 4059 Australia

    Email: michelle@engagementplus.com.au
    Phone: 61 7 3221 7443
    Mobile: 61 400 188 373
    Website: www.engagementplus.com.au

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2007
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2007
    Bachelor of Arts, Certificate IV in Workplace Training
    Diploma of Local Government Administration

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Michelle Feenan has over 20 years of experience in Community Engagement, Facilitation, Planning, Team Development and Community Development. Michelle’s extensive consultancy has included the design and delivery of community engagement strategies, community planning, practitioner training and capacity building, facilitation and mediation services, strategic planning, the review of community based services and policy development.

    Her skills and experience supporting the training experience include use of techniques such as deliberative dialogue, carousel, world café, enquiry by design, workshops, open house, static displays and online engagement.

    Significant projects/clients include:

    • Recreational Trails Strategy- Sunshine Coast Council
    • Fireable- Queensland Fire and Rescue Service- Safe Home program for people with a disability
    • Goodwill Bridge- Access Allways- facilitation of user groups of Goodwill Bridge to address issues of shared use, accessibility and safety
    • Benchmarking and Measuring Community Services- Tablelands Regional Council- benchmarking against two-like councils and development of relevant service standards
    • Local Government Association of Queensland- community engagement training and community planning workshops
    • Commonwealth Carelink- National Respite for Carers Capacity Building Project
    • Department of Tourism, Regional Industry and Development- Australia’s first Deliberative Forums on Nanotechnology
    • Mackay Regional Council- design and assistance with the community engagement strategy and development of a Disability Action Plan
    • Redlands City Council- Festival and Events Strategy

    John Godec

    Godec, Randall & Associates, Inc.
    3944 North 14th Street
    Phoenix, Arizona 85014-5113 United States

    Email: jdg@GodecRandall.com
    Phone: (602) 266-5556
    Fax: (602) 222-9575
    Website: www.GodecRandall.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2014
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2002
    IAF Certified Professional Facilitator©, U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (Udall Center) roster member (transportation and native sub-specialties)
    Member of the first class of licensed IAP2 Trainers (May 2002); IAP2 Certificate Course curriculum developer; and Certificate Course review team member.

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Seventeen years actively designing and managing public involvement projects (30 total years of communication experience)for complex environmental, transportation, land use, urban and regional planning, facility siting, energy and other issues. Developed a public involvement and community relations protocol and programs for Motorola Corporation and a variety of other corporations. Managed more than 150 actively or potentially contentious issues resolving public and other stakeholder conflicts and building consensus.

    Extensive public sector and Fortune 50 corporate experience, including:

    • Former Director of Issues and Crisis Management for Motorola Corporation
    • Former Special Assistant to the Director of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
    • Risk and emergency communication protocol Task Force, National Governors Association
    • Professional experience in the U. S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia for corporations, and local, state, federal and tribal governments and NGOs
    • Lectures and presentations, Arizona State University, Indiana University, and Queensland University of Technology

    Wendy Green Lowe

    P2 Solutions
    545 Shoup Avenue, Suite 312
    Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402 United States

    Email: wendy@p2-solution.com
    Phone: (208) 523-6668
    Fax: (208) 523-1441
    Website: p2-solution.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, ?
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, ?
    Certified Professional Facilitator, International Association of Facilitators
    Included on the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution’s roster of environmental facilitators

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Wendy Green Lowe has over 20 years of experience in group process facilitation and public participation management. Wendy has managed large- and small-scale public participation programs within approved budgets and on schedule to meet client objectives on highly controversial issues. She has successfully designed and facilitated group processes for a variety of public and private organizations, having developed and implemented public involvement plans, managed public meetings of various formats, and moderated public hearings. Wendy is thoroughly familiar with the policy-making process and how to design a program for involving the public in that process.

    Current and past clients include federal agencies (US Department of Energy, US Forest Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and Bureau of Land Management), state agencies (Idaho Departments of Fish and Game, Health and Welfare, and Environmental Quality), private sector companies (Batelle Energy Alliance, Bechtel B&W Idaho, Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center), and non-profit organizations (United Way, Museum of Idaho, and District 91 Education Foundation, among others). Based in Idaho since 1992, Wendy has worked on public participation projects in other states as well, including Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Alaska, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, and California. She works predominately in the environmental, natural resources, and health care policy arenas. She is thoroughly familiar with requirements for public participation under the National Environmental Policy Act; the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act; and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

    Wendy has been a member of IAP2 since 1992. She served on the Board of Directors for IAP2 from 2004 to 2007 and chaired the IAP2 Training Program during that entire time. She served as the president for the Idaho Chapter and then Intermountain Chapter of IAP2 from 1995 through 2004.

    Mary E. Hamel

    1407 Lake Kegonsa Road
    Stoughton , WI 53589 United States

    Email: maryehamel@gmail.com
    Phone: (608) 877-9995

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2002
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2002

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Mary Hamel has spent more than 20 years as a full-time public participation practitioner and counsel within a state environmental and natural resources agency, writing and carrying out public participation plans, working with individuals and communities, serving as a member of agency planning teams, and training staff and management. Mary has work on conservation issues including endangered species protection, forest management, wildlife management, and recreational planning, as well as environmental issues such as permitting facilities, contamination cleanup, siting utility and other facilities and more. Mary has been with IAP2 since 1993 as a chapter member and president, international conference chair, board member, and trainer. Training is one of Mary’s favorite aspects of her work. She loves mentoring and helping new practitioners, as well as learning from their insights, experiences, and questions. Mary has delivered the IAP2 Foundations training in 7 countries, on 5 continents, including multiple U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Mary has been thrilled to help new and developing trainers from around the globe.

    "IAP2 is an amazing group and I’m honored to be a part of the IAP2 training community." – Mary Hamel

    Margaret Harvie

    PlanCom Consulting Pty Ltd.
    PO Box 411 Potts Point
    Sydney, NSW 2011 Australia

    Email: Margaret@plancom.com.au
    Phone: 612 9331 4336
    Fax: 612 9331 4336
    Website: www.plancom.com.au

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2008
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2006
    Bachelor of Applied Science and Recreation Management and Planning and Associate Diploma

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Margaret Harvie has led public participation projects for major infrastructure projects throughout Australia consistently over the past 16 years, having worked in infrastructure including mining, transport (rail, road and ports, water), waste water, power (gas, wind and coal), and waste. She has also led social impact assessments, community planning and consultations including for Indigenous communities.

    Margaret currently works as a trainer and public participation practitioner around Australia. She has been committed to the development of the profession and its practitioners for the past 12 years, having served as a member of the IAP2 International Board and as the Deputy Chair of IAP2 Australasia for four years respectively.

    The strength Margaret brings to IAP2 training is her ability to draw from her extensive experience as a practitioner on hundreds of consultations. Margaret continues to lead teams involved with major projects that plan for the involvement of the public in project construction and planning stages and in the assessment of impacts, and is familiar with the day-to-day challenges and the work environments of many of her students.

    Vikki Hilton

    Hilton Associates
    3 Priory Grove
    South Queensferry, West Lothian EH30 9LZ Scotland, United Kingdom

    Email: vikki@hiltonassociates.com
    Phone: + 44 131 331 1523
    Fax: + 44 131 510 1523
    Website: www.hiltonassociates.com (under construction)

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2009
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2005
    Bachelor of Education (hons), University of Bristol, UK
    Master of Education, University of Edinburgh, UK
    Community Mediation Certificate, Scottish Community Mediation Centre (SACRO)
    Mediation & Facilitation, Environmental Resolve
    Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh
    IAP2 Life Member

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Vikki Hilton has been involved in public participation since the mid 80’s working with rural communities in Papua New Guinea. Moving back to the UK she has run her own consultancy business since the early 1990’s working in a wide range of areas including: Social policy including health, Land Stabilisation, Environmental areas i.e. Green Energy, forestry, Urban design and development, regeneration, local government and community development.

    Vikki has extensive experience with a broad range of clients from limited companies to Non-government organisations, statutory bodies and localcommunities, both in UK and overseas. In addition to IAP2 training she also delivers other training on a regular basis through universities and organisations such as the National Health Service and Environmental organisations. These range from half day to five day programmes; some as open access courses and some specifically designed for organisations both in UK and overseas. She has delivered training in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Scotland and the United States. Vikki brings the energy of her consultancy work into her training. Her particular interest is in ensuring processes are inclusive and enable those people not normally included are reached and included.

    LaVerne Kyriss

    The League of Extraordinary Trainers
    63748 East Whispering Tree Lane
    Tucson, AZ 85739 United States

    Email: jlkyriss@gmail.com
    Phone: (520) 333-2689
    Cell: (303) 570-8226
    Website: www.extraordinarytrainers.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2014
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2003
    Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of the State of New York
    Master of Arts, Communications, University of Northern Colorado

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    LaVerne Kyriss is a course developer for the IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation and helped design IAP2’s training program. She served on the IAP2 International Board for seven years and is a past President of IAP2 (2005). She has more than 25 years of experience in designing and overseeing public participation programs in settings ranging from national public policy issues to site-specific utility infrastructure additions. As a former senior manager for a U.S. Department of Energy agency, LaVerne brings real-world experience implementing these activities in high-stakes, highly controversial settings. She currently serves as managing director for the League of Extraordinary Trainers, a partnership of public participation practitioners who provide IAP2 training, and provides public participation consultation services to a variety of corporate, governmental and non-profit clients. In 2009, she led efforts to launch Western’s new Transmission Infrastructure Program, including running two nationwide simultaneous public processes—one to develop program rules and one to solicit potential infrastructure projects for federal funding. From July 2007 to December 2008, she served as the Department of Energy’s project manager for a programmatic environmental impact statement examining transmission corridors on federal lands in the West.

    During her federal career, LaVerne most recently served as a regional manager (2009-2012), a senior planning advisor (2007-2009), and a corporate communications manager (2000-2009) for Western Area Power Administration. Her management experience ranges from leading a team that provided federal hydropower power to 125 wholesale customers including cities and towns, state and federal agencies, rural electric cooperatives and Native American tribes, to helping the agency set its strategic direction, to managing the agency’s external and internal communications programs. LaVerne also has more than 25 years of federal public affairs experience, beginning with a career in the U. S. Army. She served in a variety of Army public affairs positions during 13 years of active duty and 10 years in the U.S. Army Reserves, including her final assignment as sergeant major (mobilization augmentee) for the Chief of Public Affairs, Department of the Army.

    Penny Mabie

    101 Stewart St., Ste. 1200
    Seattle, WA 98101 United States

    Email: pmabie@enviroissues.com
    Phone: 206-269-5041
    Fax: 206-269-5046
    Website: www.enviroissues.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2009
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2008
    U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Association, Roster Member
    Master of Arts, Organizational Leadership, Chapman University
    Masters Certificate, Strategic Human Resources

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Penny Mabie has twenty years of experience in public involvement, facilitation, development and delivery of training programs, and coordination of inter-jurisdictional strategic planning and communication efforts. Penny provided education, outreach, program planning and public involvement for Thurston County and the City of Olympia for 9+ years. As a public involvement consultant, Penny has provided facilitation and public participation services to support environmental remediation decision processes, infrastructure siting and design, multi-jurisdictional task forces on flood control, recycling and transportation planning.

    Penny has been with EnviroIssues since 2000. Her current work includes project management, facilitation, and strategic community relations planning for a number of clients. Penny is known for her facilitation, management, and implementation of short- and long-term processes with respect and a focus on achieving measurable and durable outcomes.

    Penny is the chapter secretary for the Puget Sound Chapter of IAP2, a member of the American Public Works Association, past board chair of the Washington State Recycling Association and a board member of The Recycling Foundation.

    Lewis Michaelson

    Katz & Associates
    4250 Executive Square, Suite 670
    San Diego , CA 92037 United States

    Email: lmichaelson@katzandassociates.com
    Phone: (858) 926-4003
    Fax: (858) 552-8437
    Website: www.katzandassociates.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, ?
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, ?
    Master of Science, Conflict Management, George Mason University
    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, University of California at San Diego
    U.S. Institute of Environmental Conflict Resolution Roster of Neutrals

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Lewis has more than two decades of experience as a neutral facilitator and public participation practitioner at the federal, state, regional, and local levels of government with experience in a broad range of issue and project areas, including transportation, energy production and transmission, wastewater and storm water projects, regional water supply and airport facilities, land use and watershed planning, environmental justice, national security, military base closures and expansions, endangered species, ecosystem management, and hazardous, radioactive and solid waste. Lewis has personally facilitated over 1,000 public meetings, workshops, and advisory committee meetings for public participation processes. The public participation intensity of these projects has ranged from environmental impact assessment consultation to collaborative, consensus-building for deeply controversial subjects. He also has helped countless organizations examine their mission and goals and develop strategic plans for future growth and success.

    In addition to his management and consulting roles, Lewis is a recognized leader in the public participation field, having served as both the president of the International Association for Public Participation and Vice President of the U.S. affiliate. As a board member of IAP2, he was instrumental in spearheading the development of the Core Values for the Practice of Public Participation and the IAP2 Code of Ethics. He was also one of the three original developers of the Foundations of Public Participation training courses instituted by IAP2 and co-authored development of the IAP2 Spectrum.

    Mary Moreland

    Ottawa, Ontario Canada
    Phone: +1 613 620 8329
    Email: marymoreland.p2@bell.net

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2005
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2004
    Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), University of Ottawa, Canada
    Facilitation and experiential learning training (ICA, Intersol, Strachan & Tomlinson, Katimavik, Canada World Youth)

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    A bilingual career public servant with the Canadian federal government, Mary Moreland has more than 13 years of experience contributing to national public participation initiatives such as the creation of the Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee, the implementation of the National Innovation and Learning Engagement Strategy, coordinating outreach activities during the United Nations Climate Change Conference as well as working on secondment to other regulatory departments such as Health Canada (Office of Consumer and Public Involvement) and Environment Canada (Corporate Consultations Directorate). While her work is often at the national level, her community volunteer commitments keep her grounded in what’s happening at the local level. Mary has been an accredited trainer for IAP2’s five day Public Participation Certificate Course since 2005.

    Mary has presented P2 themed sessions at conferences and in university and other class settings. For workshops, she strives to design creative and interactive panel sessions reflecting the best of P2 practices. Mary pioneered the launch of IAP2’s French language training and volunteered her time (and friends’!) to revise translations. She is the only IAP2 trainer delivering courses in French and has been a supporter over the years of AIP2 France and it’s unfolding. Mary is active with IAP2 Canada and the government’s P2 community which she finds key to staying current.

    Early on Mary worked with national and international youth and community development programs in Canada and in Pakistan, which fostered her cross cultural training and facilitation skills based on adult education principles. A wonderful part of training for Mary is the opportunity to learn from participants as they share their stories about the consultations they have worked on and talk about how they might improve their next ones by implementing what they are learning from their IAP2 courses and from their peers.

    Amanda Newbery

    Articulous Communications
    Level 17, 344 Queens St.
    Brisbane, Queensland 4000 Australia

    Email: amanda.newbery@articulous.com.au
    Phone: 011 0400 225 232
    Website: www.articulous.com.au

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, ?
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2007
    Winner of 2 IAP2 Australasian Core Values Awards
    IAP2 Australasian Committee Board Member
    Member of Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA)
    Bachelor of Business (Journalism)
    Graduate Diploma in Communications (Advertising)

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Amanda Newbery is Managing Director of a national engagement, communications and training consultancy. She specialises in difficult projects, providing strategic advice, facilitation and hands-on support.

    Her experience includes planning for cities and regions, major infrastructure projects, public policy engagement, water, resources and energy, science, health, education and controversial projects that are subject to intense scrutiny.

    Amanda is also a weekly panellist on ABC Queensland Radio and a sought-after public speaker. Her comprehensive public relations background further heightens the impact of her community engagement strategies.

    Major projects in public participation include:

    • Development of Queensland Government's engagement framework for Regional Planning for the State
    • Nanotechnology and Australia's Energy Future dialogue forum
    • Development of South Australian Education Department's ICAN engagement framework
    • Ebenezer Industrial Area engagement
    • Urban Land Development Authority's planning scheme engagement programs
    • Kogan Creek Power Station Solar Boost Project
    • $550m South Bank Institute of TAFE redevelopment – Queensland’s first Public Private Partnership
    • $1b Maroochydore golf course redevelopment
    • $300m Millennium Arts Project – Queensland’s new State Library and Gallery of Modern Art
    • Brisbane City Council’s CityShape Conference – Australasian Award winning event
    • $1b St Mary’s master-planned community – a highly controversial Delfin Lend Lease Sydney project.

    Elmah Nthebolan

    Geoflux (Pty) Ltd
    PO Box 854
    Gaborone Botswana South Africa

    Email: enthebolan@geoflux.biz
    Phone: +267 397 5105
    Mobile: +267 72145439
    Fax: +267 390 0242
    Website: www.geoflux.biz (failing)

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, ?
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2010
    Diploma candidate, International Environmental Law (UNEP), United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
    MSc (Environmental Science)
    Accredited trainer, Integrated Environmental Management with the Botswana Training Authority (BOTA)
    Certified Principal Environmental Assessment Practitioner, Botswana Environmental Assessment Practitioners’ Association

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Elmah Nthebolan is an Executive Director (Integrated Environmental Management) at Geoflux (Pty) Ltd in Botswana. She has 18 years of post-graduate experience, 12 of which were spent gaining insight into planning and execution of public participation as part of broader EIA and SEA projects covering various fields such as water development, tourism development, commercial, mining land use, and waste management for both government and private sectors.

    Elmah is a member of the IAP2 South Africa Affiliate.

    Anne Pattillo

    pattillo ltd
    PO Box 683
    Wellington, 6140 New Zealand

    Email: anne@pattillo.co.nz
    Phone: +64 4 473 2702
    Website: www.pattillo.co.nz

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, ?
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, ?
    Degree in Management, ?

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Anne Pattilllo’s high-profile experience and sharp intellect has cemented her reputation as a leader in her field.

    A consultant and facilitator with over eighteen years of experience, Anne first formed her business in 1989. She now leads a team of specialized consultants on projects for some of the most dynamic organisations in New Zealand and Australia. With humility, a street-level respect, and a real belief in the power of the people she works with, Anne has become iconic in her representation of the art of participation. With this in mind it’s no surprise that she is the Vice President of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), the Deputy President of IAP2 Australasia, and the only New Zealand-based provider of internationally accredited training in this field.

    Anne is well recognised in every area of her expertise, from her insightful strategic and leadership work across the government sector to the creation and delivery of an extensive range of specialised, tailored training and development programs for more than fifty Australasian businesses. She also has a reputation for her high level corporate mentoring work with New Zealand leaders, and has been celebrated for her unique ability to influence organizational culture and performance. Transformation is what moves Anne. Her generous belief in possibility underpins her approach and fuels those around her to transform organisational life to create exciting futures out of all that’s possible.

    Antoinette (Toni) Pietersen

    Golder Associates Africa (Pty) Ltd.
    PO Box 6001
    Halfway House, 1685 South Africa

    Email: APietersen@golder.co.za
    Phone: +27(0) 11 254 4805
    Fax: +27(0) 11 315 0317
    Website: www.golder.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, ?
    EOP2 Licensed Trainer, 2014
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2003
    Accredited Evergreen Parent Facilitator (Evergreen Parenting)
    Accredited Psychometrist

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Toni Pietersen has over 16 years of experience in designing, managing and facilitating public participation projects and awareness creation programs covering the mining, industrial, water, environmental, institutional, governmental, and infrastructure sectors. She has extensive experience in Southern Africa in dealing with complex and challenging projects, which require application of innovative skills, knowledge and expertise. Her skills and practical experience extends to students who attend her public participation training classes. She has co-authored and written many publications ranging from training manuals to annual reports. She does benchmarking work in successfully involving local communities in very complex mining projects, ensuring opportunities for the "voiceless” to participate.

    Gay Robinson

    Gay Robinson Consulting
    163 Woodpark Circle SW
    Calgary, Alberta T2W 6G1 Canada

    Email: greilly@bbspr.com.au
    Phone: 403-281-8849
    Fax: 403-281-8945
    Website: www.canadiantrainerscollective.ca

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2005
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2004
    Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), University of Calgary
    Associate Diploma in Public Relations, Mount Royal College
    Professional Accreditation (APR), Canadian Public Relations Society

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Gay Robinson has over 30 years’ experience in public consultation, facilitation and stakeholder relations. Throughout her career she has been drawn to working with clients who realize the benefits of involving stakeholders in decision-making.

    After a successful career in government, not-for-profit, education and the private sector, Gay opened her consulting practice in 1999. Her client list includes energy companies, regulators, community groups, local governments, not-for-profits and industry associations. Based in Alberta, Canada, much of her work is in the natural resources sector, pushing to raise the bar and establish best practices for stakeholder engagement. Gay has facilitated a number of multi-stakeholder groups and is active in Synergy Alberta – a network of grassroots community groups working on oil and gas related issues.

    Gay teaches Community Relations through Continuing Education at the University of Calgary and has developed and delivered a number of training programs related to stakeholder engagement for the petroleum industry. She is an active member of IAP2 and has held many leadership roles locally, nationally and internationally. She was a member of the Executive Committee for the Interim Board of IAP2 Canada and is currently in her second term on the Executive Committee of the IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter.

    Gay is a founding member of the Canadian Trainers Collective (CTC), a cooperative agreement between three IAP2-Licensed Canadian Trainers, whose mission is to provide professional development to practitioners and others who wish to enhance relations with their stakeholders. The CTC has delivered the IAP2 Certificate Program to hundreds of participants from coast to coast in Canada.

    John Ross

    Taking Action
    PO Box 801
    Sutherland, NSW 1499 Australia

    Email: jross@takingaction.com.au
    Phone: +61 2 9543 0194
    Fax: +61 2 9543 0193

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2008
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2002
    MBA (UNE), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
    Member of Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    John Ross is a highly experienced communications practitioner, with specialist expertise in community consultation and community relations gained through over 25 years in the profession. He is experienced in managing communities and stakeholders extends across Infrastructure projects, Local Government, Environmental NGO’s State and Federal Government agencies. John is also a highly sought-after trainer across a range of communication related fields.

    Now working for the leading Communications and Public Relations firm in Australia, John is a senior consultant sharing his extensive knowledge of how to landscape the public and private environments. In addition he is providing strategic communications and community engagement support to a number of project alliances.

    Major public participation roles and projects:
    Former Communications and Community Relations Manager, Alinta
    Former Community Relations Manager, Sydney Water

    John brought to Alinta capacity-building experience gained from an extensive career with Sydney Water. John has a detailed understanding of the strategic significance of ensuring effective relationships with the community and how and when to engage them. He is passionate about wanting to leave a positive project legacies. Over the last few years John has moved more into the training arena, providing management training to many large private and public sector organizations. He is affiliated with TAFE NSW, University of New England partnerships and a lecturer with Charles Sturt University.

    Stephani Roy McCallum

    Dialogue Partners, Inc.
    2031 Neepawa Avenue
    Ottawa, Ontario K2A 3L7 Canada

    Email: stephani@dialoguepartners.ca
    Phone: 613 724 2450 ext 103
    Website: www.dialoguepartners.ca

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2005
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2003
    IAP2 Licensed Outrage, Emotion and Public Participation (EOP2) trainer, 2009
    Certified Professional Facilitator, International Association of Facilitators

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Stephani Roy McCallum is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and specializes in conflictual, emotional and controversial situations in public engagement situations. She views emotion and passion as an opportunity to effect meaningful change, and to engage people on the issues that are most important to them. She has worked on a wide range of complex issues, with diverse stakeholders on issues such as health care, education, climate change, land use, nuclear waste, contaminated sites, transportation and more. She has extensive experience engaging aboriginal peoples, multicultural communities and the "hard to reach.”

    Stephani has a facilitation background in alternative dispute resolution, authentic leadership, advanced consensus building, outrage management, social impact assessment, and community development. She develops and delivers training, workshops and coaching in wicked problems, collaboration, facilitation and conflict identification and resolution, and was a course developer for EOP2. She has developed and regularly teaches a series of advanced courses, including: Group Facilitation for Public Involvement©, ANALYZE THIS! Making Sense of Conflict in Public Engagement©, STANDING IN THE FIRE: Transforming Conflict Through Collaboration©, Who are These People Yelling at Me? From outrage to engage©, and Leadership & Engagement©. Stephani regularly speaks on issues related to public engagement, public policy & lasting change, and has presented at numerous conferences.

    Marty Rozelle

    The Rozelle Group, Ltd.
    7000 N. 16th Street, Suite 120, #145
    Phoenix, AZ 85020 United States

    Email: RGL97marty@rozellegroup.com
    Phone: (602) 244-0847
    Website: www.rozellegroup.com

    IAP2 Certificate Course curriculum developer, Master Trainer, 2004-2009
    PhD, Community Education & Management
    MS, Public Administration; BA, Political Science
    U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (Udall Center) roster member

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    For more than 35 years Dr. Marty Rozelle’s clients have experienced the satisfaction of a good outcome resulting from thoughtful integration of stakeholder values with the scientific data and technical aspects of a project or public policy question. She has facilitated a consensus or designed effective communication strategies for more than 400 forums and citizen committees in the following sectors: renewable and traditional energy; water and natural resources; transportation planning; hazardous and radioactive waste clean-up; facility siting, including dams, sanitary landfills, wastewater reclamation plants, highways, power plants, high-voltage transmission lines and substations, pipelines, mines, and high- and low-level waste repositories

    Internationally, she has facilitated forums and training on public participation in Australia, Thailand, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, and Hungary.

    Marty is one of the original founders of IAP2, serving as President (1997-1999) and as a member of the team that delivered the first IAP2 training in 1999.

    Doug Sarno

    Forum Facilitation Group
    1028 South Walter Reed Drive, Suite 821
    Alexandria, Virginia 22204 United States

    Email: doug@forumfg.com
    Phone: 703-521-1459

    IAP2 Certificate Course curriculum developer, Master Trainer, ?
    Masters of Business Administration
    Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
    U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (Udall Center) roster member

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    For the past 25 years, Doug Sarno has worked throughout the world in public participation, outreach and education. He regularly convenes and facilitates diverse groups to discuss controversial subjects, make consensus recommendations, and establish effective teams. Doug has designed and managed public participation programs on many diverse issues including nanotechnology, nuclear and hazardous waste management, transportation and transit, energy, and public health. He has managed and facilitated well over a thousand public meetings, over a dozen long-term stakeholder advisory boards, and he has designed and facilitated over ten national stakeholder forums. Doug has designed public participation training and guidance for seven federal agencies and three states. Internationally, he has facilitated forums and training on public participation in Australia, Thailand, Laos, the Democratic Republic of Georgia, South Africa, and Hungary.

    Doug served as Executive Director of IAP2 from 1996 to 2001, and has served has an advisor and board member for numerous federal agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations. He was a member of the team that delivered the first IAP2 training in 1999, and continued to serve as a IAP2 Certificate Course curriculum developer and Certificate Course review team member.

    Amelia Shaw

    Dialogue Partners
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Email: amelia@dialoguepartners.ca
    Phone: 613-724-2450 ext 112
    Mobile: 778-231-2353

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, ?
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2011
    Certified Professional Facilitator, International Association of Facilitators

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Now a licensed IAP2 Trainer, Amelia Shaw is well known to many in the IAP2 community, having served as the past interim Executive Director for the IAP2 Federation, a past International Board director, and past president of IAP2 Canada. She has been a leader in IAP2 for many years and has many IAP2 achievements including being a Core Value Awards winner. Amelia currently serves as IAP2 USA’s Executive Manager and provides support to IAP2 Canada.

    When not working for IAP2, Amelia works part time for Dialogue Partners and others as a consultation strategist, practitioner and IAF certified facilitator. Over the past nineteen years Amelia has been successfully involved in the development of significant policies, projects, and plans from strategic design, to initiating and facilitating inclusive processes, and implementation.

    Her overarching goal is to find an innovative approach that supports both community and organizational values and objectives and leads to helpful deliverables and a positive outcome. Organizations might hold the pen or shovel, but everyone will live with and help find the outcome – people must be involved.

    Alice Sherring

    Logan City Council
    Logan City, Queensland Australia

    Email: alicesherring@logan.gld.gov.au
    Phone: 61+ 07 3412 4854
    Fax: 61+ 07 3412 3444
    Website: www.logan.qld.gov.au

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2012
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2009
    Bachelor of Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning, Griffith University
    Bachelor of Environmental Sciences, Griffith University

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Alice Sherring heads up the newly established IAP2 training program at Logan City Council. An integral part of a leading community engagement team, Alice actively pursues engagement across all areas of Local Government service delivery.

    With a background in strategic land use planning, Alice developed a respect for stakeholder participation across her work on a range of major strategic planning projects including: the development of large scale greenfield sites, urban infill sites, community island planning, growth planning, structure planning, master planning on foreshores and business revitalisation projects. Alice has also worked on transport planning, land management planning, organisational development, and was part of the project team that delivered the first Community Plan under Queensland's new Local Government Act.

    Community planning increased Alice's passion for participatory governance, and Alice has been part of major community engagement driven processes including: working with indigenous communities on North Stradbroke Island, the development of new Council rating policies, animal management laws, community sharps management, town centre master planning, local neighbourhood planning, large scale market research, preparation of new planning schemes, and major P2 activities such as developing online feedback networks and convening the first Waterway Summit in Logan City.

    Alice is an experienced facilitator and contemporary artist. Drawing on creativity, energy and diverse project experiences, Alice possesses a keen interest in appreciative inquiry, and the authentic integration of community engagement into public decision making.

    Gale Simpson

    G Whiz Consulting Ltd.
    Calgary, Alberta Canada

    Email: gwhiz@telus.net
    Phone: 403-242-5705
    Fax: 403-246-0108

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2005
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2004
    EOP2 Licensed Trainer, 2009 ?
    Certificate in Community Relations, Boston College
    Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Mount Royal University
    Arts Degree (partial), University of Alberta

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Gale Simpson’s background in public relations and community relations spans more than 25 years with the Alberta provincial government, a major utility corporation, and as an independent consultant providing public engagement advice and solutions to a variety of clients. Her consulting practice extends through the areas of planning, education, transportation, not-for-profit, waste management, Aboriginal communities, and research and development. Specific services include public involvement program planning and management; strategic communications; facilitation; public involvement training; and team building. Gale has been involved in some of the largest and most complex projects delivered in Alberta. Throughout her career she has focused on building trust through transparent and responsible processes. She believes her success can be attributed to being able to balance and negotiate the requirements of a variety of stakeholders with those of the client to achieve the best possible outcomes for all.

    Gale is a founding member of the Canadian Trainers Collective (CTC), a cooperative agreement between four Canadian trainers licensed to train the IAP2 Certificate Program initiated in 2006. The CTC partners are the most experienced IAP2 trainers in Canada, and offer several other advanced level public engagement courses.

    Gale has been an active member of IAP2 since 1999, beginning at her local chapter (Wild Rose). She currently serves as the Training Director for the International Board, and is working with a colleague to develop an advanced course focused on solving complex problems using a collaborative approach.

    Tannis Topolnisky

    Health Canada
    Senior Risk Communications and Public Involvement Officer
    730, 9700 Jasper Avenue
    Edmonton, Edmonton T5J 4C3 Canada

    Email: tannistopolnisky@hotmail.com
    Phone: 780-913-1367

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2011
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2007
    MSc in Human Ecology, 1998
    BSc in Human Ecology, 1996

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Tannis Topolnisky has over thirteen years of public engagement experience in both the public and private sectors. She has worked in a variety of areas such as health legislation, policy and program development, management of contaminated sites, municipal budgeting and public education. Tannis has diverse experience engaging communities, consumer interest groups, non-government organizations, professional and industry associations, academics, patient groups and Aboriginals. She often finds herself planning and facilitating projects where there is high concern and emotions within communities, potential risk to human health and impacts on individuals’ quality of life. Tannis has extensive experience providing facilitation, training support and capacity building services to government and non-government organizations across the country and around the world.

    “What is a teacher? I'll tell you: it isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.” – Paulo Coelho

    Nathan Williams

    Articulous Communications
    Level 17, 344 Queens St.
    Brisbane, Queensland 4000 Australia

    Email: nathan.williams@articulous.com.au
    Phone: 011 0414 569 380
    Website: www.articulous.com.au

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2014 ?
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2010
    Member, Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA)
    Bachelor of Arts, Communications

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Nathan Williams has over fifteen years of experience in community engagement, strategic communications and related disciplines, having worked across the government, technology, finance, energy, property and not-for-profit sectors.

    As an experienced community engagement practitioner, Nathan has developed engagement frameworks for a wide variety of organisations including the Department of State Development Infrastructure and Planning, Seqwater and the Australian Taxation Office. He has also worked with organisations such as Eraring Energy, the Department of Primary Industries (Victoria), SEQ Council of Mayors, Logan City Council, QT Mutual Bank (formerly QTCU), the Urban Land Development Authority and Stockland Property Group to successfully execute strategic engagement programs.

    Nathan is the Associate Director of a national engagement, communications and training consultancy that specialises in successfully managing the impact of change and an IAP2 Queensland Committee Member.

    Major projects in public participation include:

    • Lead engagement consultant for the development of the Gold Coast Hospital site at Southport, including convening and facilitating the Community Reference Group
    • Joint creator of engagement frameworks for organisations such Seqwater, AVEO Retirement Villages, and the Department of State Development Infrastructure and Planning (QLD)
    • Facilitator for Seqwater Community Reference Groups for Leslie Harrison Dam and Banksia Beach Borefields, and the development of the Mount Joyce Recreation Trust Management Company
    • Joint facilitator for SEQ Housing Deliberative Forums for the Council of Mayors (SEQ)
    • Joint facilitator for Logan Waterways Summit 2011
    • Lead facilitator for the Biosecurity Victoria (Department of Primary Industries) conference to manage a significant organisational restructure
    • Management and creation of successful community engagement programs for ULDA development areas including Woolloongabba, QUT Carseldine and Fitzgibbon
    • Public information sessions for Ebenezer Regional Industrial Area
    • Part of the team that developed the issues management protocols for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games
    • Developed a detailed communications and engagement framework and strategy for the $350 million ATO Change program managing internal and external stakeholders including the Commonwealth Government, Treasury, media and Members of Parliament

    Gary Willson, MCIP, RPP

    Newalta Corporation
    211 11th Ave SW
    Calgary, AB T2R 0V1 Canada

    Email: gwillson@newalta.com
    Phone: 403-806-7107
    Fax: 403.806.7707
    Website: www.newalta.com

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2005
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2004
    Member, Canadian Institute of Planners (MCIP)
    Registered Professional Planner, Alberta (RPP)
    Bachelor of Arts, Urban Geography, University of British Columbia
    Masters of Environmental Design (Planning), University of Calgary

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Stakeholder engagement has been and continues to be an integral part of Gary Willson’s planning and environmental management work. He has designed, developed and implemented engagement programs for watershed management plans, flood control assessment projects, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management facilities siting, and environmental impact assessments for oil and gas projects, urban and subdivision design projects, recreation projects in urban and rural settings. He has and continues to work throughout Canada and is becoming increasingly involved with projects in the United States. He works with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders.

    Gary is Executive Director Government Affairs with Newalta. A significant part of his responsibilities involve the development and maintenance of relationships with elected and administrative officials associated with the three levels of government in the areas in which Newalta conducts business. He also ensures the company is aware of public policy initiatives that will affect its operations and contributes where possible to the development of such policies.

    Gary also takes a lead role in the development of the company’s sustainability initiatives. A major focus of his time is given to developing and maintaining Newalta’s engagement with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities as well as nongovernment and professional associations associated with the environmental industry. This latter aspect includes providing engagement training.

    Ruth Yabes

    Arizona State University
    School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
    Tempe, AZ 85287 United States

    Email: Ruth.Yabes@asu.edu
    Cell: (480) 452-5815
    Work: (480) 965-7188
    Fax: (480) 965-9656
    Website: ASU Directory Profile

    IAP2 Licensed Trainer, 2008
    IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation, 2007
    2009 recipient of the Marcia M. Feld Leadership Award, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning
    Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration, Bryn Mawr College, 2002
    Ph.D., City and Regional Planning, Cornell University
    Masters City Planning, University of Pennsylvania
    Bachelor of Science, Environmental Planning and Management Bachelor of Arts, Economics, University of California, Davis

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Dr. Ruth Yabes has over 30 years of experience in neighborhood planning, community development, participation, urban planning and planning education, starting her career as a U.S. Peace Corps community planning volunteer in the Philippines. Ruth has worked with local, national government agencies and non-profits on community planning with in local communities in the Philippines, Haiti, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

    Ruth is a retired professor emerita of the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University where she was a tenured professor and served in various administrative capacities. In her university teaching, Ruth focused on citizen participation, urban planning, international development, urban housing and planning where she completed applied projects in environmental justice, transit-oriented development, downtown redevelopment; neighborhood, land use, and housing planning. She has moderated public meetings, lectured at U.S., U.K., Australia, Philippines, Thailand, and Germany universities, and was nominated for Professor of the Year at ASU in 2008.

    Ruth has been a member of IAP2 USA since 1995, and a lifetime member since 1997. She is a past IAP2 International Board member and member of the International Journal of Public Participation (IJP2) Editorial Board. Her activities include exploring with other IAP2 trainers how the IAP2 Certificate courses might be adapted for professional accreditation and instruction at the university level.

    Tisha Greyling

    Pretoria, South Africa

    Phone: +27 83 625 4292
    Email: greylingtisha@gmail.com
    Skype: tisha.greyling

    Bachelor of Arts (Lang), University of Pretoria, 1976
    Master of Arts (Linguistics), University of Stellenbosch, 1994
    Languages: English, Afrikaans, French, Portuguese, German

    Experience as a public participation practitioner
    Tisha Greyling has 35 years’ experience social and environmental management covering a wide range of experience in:

    • Strategic direction of social and environmental permitting for new development
    • Development and implementation of socio-economic performance programs to the Performance Standards of the IFC
    • Social due diligence assessment, social risk management
    • Public sensitivity analysis, stakeholder engagement strategy, planning and implementation
    • Design and facilitation of multi-party and multi-country participatory processes
    • Training in public participation

    Tisha has managed many environmental and social management aspects related to large projects in developing countries/emerging economies, including leading and directing teams to develop and implement social management plans to IFC Performance Standards.

    She regularly trains developers, construction managers and EPCM contractors in the implementation of social management plans. Tisha is the author, co-author or reviewer of more than a dozen guides on public participation, including those of IAP2, and has presented the IAP2 public participation training courses on five continents. She also trains independently in public participation in environmental authorisation processes.

    Tisha has worked and trained in the mining, oil and gas, energy, waste management, industrial forestry, chemical and paper manufacturing sectors in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, the UK, Italy, Romania, Canada, the USA, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Singapore, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

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