IAP2 Board of Directors
Meeting Agenda

October 15 / 16, 2008
Teleconference Commencing 2:00 pm Mountain

Time Item / Topic Responsibility Supporting Documentation Action Requested
2.00 Call to order; roll call; establish quorum, and finalize agenda  President None  
2.05 Minutes of previous board meeting Executive Director

July Meeting Minutes
August Meeting Minutes

  Review Action List Executive Director August Meeting Action List Status Update
2.15 Area:  Programs       
  Membership Networking Update  Membership WG

 Verbal Report
Chapter Event

  Communications Plan - Participation Quarterly Executive Director / Carol Anderson  PQ Proposal  Decision
2.30 Area: Programs - Learning and Development  Training Director Verbal Report  Discussion
  Training Business Report - numbers and income Administrative Director  Training Report through July 2008  Information
2.45 Area:  Programs - Research       
  Advancing Kettering Research Committee (Carson) Verbal Report Discussion
  Journal Co-Editor Board Terms
PSU Proposal
PSU Supporting Doc

Area:  Emerging Markets
No items for this agenda

3.15 Area:  Membership      
  Monthly Retention Rate Administrative Director Membership Report through September 2008 Information
  Membership Resource Development Membership WG Verbal Report Information
  Participation and Engagement Membership Culture Executive Director Membership Engagement - Draft Discussion
  Area:  Funding
No items for this agenda
3.30 Area:  Operations        
  Management and funding of Association foundations      
  Governance Review Update Governance Review Panel Key Issues to be Address in Gov Review
  Gov Review Team Norms
  Membership Revenue Status Report Administrative Director Membership Revenue Report Information
  Financial Report Treasurer

September Financial Report
YTD Profit and Loss Report

3.45 Other Business      
  2009 Meeting Schedule President Elect 2009 Meeting Schedule Decision
  November Meeting President   Information
4.00 Adjourn