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Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation

About this course

This course is based on the work of Dr. Peter Sandman, combined with the International Association for Public Participation's core concepts for meaningful and effective public participation.  The development of the course represents a partnership with Dr. Sandman and IAP2.

The course brings together the collective knowledge and experience of outrage management as taught by Peter and public participation as practiced by IAP2.  This course is highly interactive and uses a range of adult education methods including using case studies, video clips of Peter, tools and techniques used in public participation, times for personal reflection, group discussion and application of strategies.  All participants receive a learning journal to record their reflections and insights and to note what is important for their work.

This is not a lecture style learning opportunity - it is applied and discursive - using the material participants bring from their own practice as well as the prepared content that the trainer will deliver.  There is a short pre and post training survey as part of the course to assist the trainer and the participant to prepare and keep learning from the course.  On completion of the two days training and the post training survey participants are entilted to receive a certificate of attendance. 

In these challenging times of environmental, health, cultural, economic and social changes this is a course that will enhance your practice, support your clients and equip you to think about and learn how to apply behaviours that will enhance quality public participation outcomes where communities are emotional or outraged and therefore not yet at the place where they can fully participate in a public engagement process.  This course will help you plan for those type of circumstances.

During this two-day course, you will discover:

  • Six practical strategies for managing outrage
  • New behaviors that you can apply immediately
  • A new way of  thinking and analyzing outrage
  • New ways to plan and implement public participation projects were people are outraged

This class is designed to help you:

  • Link meaningful and best practices for public participation with outrage and emotion
  • Understand the principles and concepts of both and how they can work together
  • Understand the differences in the goals and ethics between public participation as practiced by IAP2 and outrage management
  • Develop a common understanding of the foundational concepts and definitions
  • Understand strategies for assessing and addressing outrage and how to plan for it in your public participation program
  • Fully participate in the training
  • Express your specific learning needs and give you time to to translate that into practice

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