State of the Practice Reports
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Each annual edition of the State of the Practice Report is a repository of all eligible submissions to the annual Core Values Awards program hosted by IAP2.  This information is provided to support sharing of experience around the world and to encourage submissions in the future.



If you are looking for specific examples and case studies you may find this 2007-2011 guide to the contents of the reports useful.


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8/11/2016 » 8/12/2016
Techniques For Effective Public Participation (Omaha, NE)

8/30/2016 » 9/1/2016
Planning For Effective Public Participation (Fort Collins, CO)

9/19/2016 » 9/21/2016
Foundations in Public Participation - Planning (Vancouver, BC)

9/22/2016 » 9/23/2016
Foundations in Public Participation - Techniques (Vancouver, BC)

10/17/2016 » 10/19/2016
Foundations in Public Participation - Planning (Calgary, AB)

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